About Us
Alish Online Academy is one of Kerala’s first online tuition platforms to offer end-to-end support for students enrolled in CBSE and State board institutions. Our primary purpose is not just help students score marks but also equip them with all the necessary skills required to set them off on their paths towards a successful career.
The Mission

It has become quite commonplace in our country that many students after completing their professional courses, find it increasingly difficult to secure good jobs, even though they might have aced their tests and exams. The primary reasons for this that we have identified are

  • Lack of solid understanding of their subject matter
  • Lack of necessary interview or corporate skills which shuts many a door

As one of the key CSR projects of the Kurlis group of companies, the core team of Alish comprises of CA professionals, doctors, entrepreneurs and other subject experts, who are committed to guiding each student through the course of their studies till placement.

Our Goal
  • To nurture today’s student community to craft the future professionals of this country
  • To provide end-to-end support for their overall technical and professional development
  • To raise a generation of goal-oriented and skill-equipped youngsters
Alish Offers
We understand that the concept of online tution classes can feel new and a little bit intimidating for many. Students and parents have expressed their concerns and skepticism with regards to this. But at Alish we assure you that joining our platform is actually one of the best decisions you can make for your ward’s bright future.
Better Connectivity

Connect and network with tutors and peers much faster

Study from Home

Experience comfortable learning from your home

Online Tests

Meticulously planned online tests for the right assessment

PDF Downloads

Download class summaries and notes to refer at your convenience